Creative Arts Therapy

Creative arts therapy encourages people to express and understand emotions through artistic expression and through the creative process.

What is Creative Arts Therapy?

Simply put, Creative Arts Therapy is an application of the visual arts in a therapeutic context.

Creating art will give you a chance to slow down, express your feelings and explore any issues you may be having.  

Do I have to be an artist?

Not at all. The focus is on the process, not the final product. Creative arts therapy is not about being or becoming a great artist but about finding meaning and connection in your life. 

Who Is Creative Arts Therapy For?

Anyone who feels overwhelmed, pressured or experiences anxiety. Anyone who needs a positive outlet for expressing themselves.

Creative Arts Therapy improves the mental health of people who are dealing with addictions, anxiety, attention disorders, grief and loss, dementia, depression, eating disorders, trauma, relationship issues and so much more!

Get Lifted!

Get Lifted is a phrase we use that simply means…lose yourself in art and in the moment! When attending an Elevation Arts session or event…prepare to Get Lifted!

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Why Creative Arts Therapy?

Stress Relief


 I have struggled my entire adult life with anxiety. My sessions mellow me out and allow me to release all the tension and worry I face daily. My CAT [Creative Arts Therapy] Sessions are the highlight of my week.

- April Green

The Benefits:

What are the benefits of Creative Arts Therapy?


Creating art can help you acknowledge and recognize feelings that have been lurking in your subconscious.


Stress Relief

Living with anxiety, depression or emotional trauma can be very stressful both mentally and physically. Creating art can be used to relieve stress and relax your mind and body.


The process will give you a feeling of self-accomplishment which can be very valuable to improve your self-appreciation and confidence.



Participants are taught how to express themselves and their emotions through art. They also have the opportunity to interpret other works of art.

Emotional Release

Creating art gives you a healthy outlet for expressing and letting go all your feelings and fears. Complex emotions such as sadness or anger sometimes cannot be expressed with words. When you are unable to express yourself, but you desire emotional release, making art may help you to do it.


Get Lifted!

You will learn to lose yourself in the art and in the moment! This is essential to getting the most out of Creative arts therapy. Let go. Get Lifted!